Webinar: The Art of Data Acquisition and Analysis


It is a well known fact today that due to the enormous technological advancements, professionals today are more empowered to make better and concrete business decisions, make future predictions and build better products and services. But how do they do it? They do it using large sets of data acquired from the real world using modern computing technologies

Data acquisition is an integral part of advanced modern systems. Today, it serves as the most important element in collecting data of important metrices in research, development, scientific experimentation, manufacturing, logistics, inventory management and supply chain management. The advent of sophisticated transducers, sensors, actuators and signal acquisition devices empower professionals, engineers, researchers, students and teachers to find new horizons in their investigations and make better decisions. But doing so requires essential knowledge of the basic associated tools and techniques used in data acquisition. The data is collected through sophisticated hardware and analyzed through powerful computing softwares.

For an industrial engineer knowledge of modern age high-end computing technologies is highly critical as it empowers them to build and improve manufacturing systems. The world of tomorrow is going to be full of sensors, actuators and mobile devices that will allow users to collect data from real world, analyze and make better informed decisions.

So, to share this basic knowledge with our IE community Azeem Iqbal from Physlab, LUMS is hosting an online webinar session exclusively for the members of PSIE society. It is particularly targeted at professionals, researchers, teachers and students who would like to get an insight to modern data acquisition tools and techniques that are allowing companies worldwide in improving their productivity and efficiency.

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